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Roberto Dondi
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Archive 1999-2002

 DMLR*News Brief — November 01, 2002
(sent via email to DMLR*News subscribers on Oct. 31)
-D- Domain Quiz
-M- Marketing Keys (part 1)
-L- Letters at Alphabet St.(part 1)
-R- Review: Altroconsumo

--D-- Domain Quiz.
(Answer to the question posed on DMLR*News Gold n.11).
Two country code top level domains and .de-- had a people/host ratio of respectevely 27 and 34. That locates the uk at place 13. and de at place 19. in the general ranking of the Internet host penetration. See full table and details,
Ps. Legend.
->Term "Host".
The number of non-duplicate hosts. This is always obtained by subtracting the duplicate hosts from the hosts that were counted. People/Host is the number of people per real host for a given TLD.
->Term "Population".
The estimated number of people living in the country represented by each TLD, where applicable. The data came from the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat (1998).
->Term "TLD".
TLD stands for Top Level Domain. The DNS tree is made up of several generic TLDs like .com and lots of so-called country code Top Level Domains (ccTLD), which in general correspond to existing states or geographic areas in the real world. ccTLDs are all designated by two letters and correspond, with a very few exceptions, to the two-letter country codes of the ISO 3166 standard.

--M-- Marketing Keys (part 1).
This is an introduction to the Marketing Keys useful to index a Website through the search engines.
First let's go to consider a real search I experienced on September 10, when I searched for "direct marketing resources". The results are as follows --list of Websites from the first and second page, total 30 resources:
(Use that list for visiting many Websites related to the direct marketing.)
First to eleventh position are sorted by the amount of money that advertiser had bid for the key word searched! Note the typical description offered by the search engine in order of relevance matching the query: Progressive Number (of the resource listed) / Title / Short Introduction / Web Address / (Bid if available).
DMLR was listed on the page two appearing as the 16th resource found appropriate by the search engine. This ranking is the consequence of a multi-year activity of submission of the URL to several free services. If not absolutely high such a rank represents the basic aid for marketing online a Website. Recent figures obtained by the online poll on DMLR said 75% of visitors had found it by means of SE listing.
Related article:
DMLR*News n.27/iv.

--L-- Letters at Alphabet St.(part 1).
Or: 26 Ideas To Write Power Copy On Banner Adv.

As Italian kid I learned the alphabet in my first year at school. It was counted the old one of 21 letters, don't you know?
A for Albero, B for Bandiera, C for Casa, etc. Now the Italian alphabet is as complete as many countries have. Thus 26 letters.
We are going to use all that to market with only words. 26 ideas to put the right text into a banner for advertising in so little space and time. Or 26 ways to control that that your creative staff is going to say for you to your prospects!
Here is the part one of the alphabet(*):
a) Absolutely clear.
What you want/offer is what you write, plain to see. NOW is the key word when you try to get a response immediately.
Press A to see a real banner in action,
f) Friendly.
The out-of-mouth works as out-of-modem on the Internet. But friends and associates always matter, so attach importance to them.
Press F to see a real banner in action,
m) Marketing.
Repeating initial letters of the words is a formula for writing sentences that catch the attention. Because they become easier to remember.
Press M to see a real banner in action,
v) Versus.
Nothing is like your product out there and this is not like the competitors do their own. Every Web user shall test, compare, and choose.
Press V to see a real banner in action,
s) Sexy.
Sex sells. So it has been saying now and then. And sure the erotic industry advertises on the Internet too. Be intriguing enough...
Press S to see a real banner in action,
q) Question of time.
You desire a reply from the Web surfer as soon as possible. Make TIME pressure on him.
Press Q to see a real banner in action,
i) Information.
They don't know that... your product is finished and new! Initially released for old clients, afterwards anyone may buy/read it by visiting the inventory/archive.
Press I to see a real banner in action,
l) Leader.
Your product is leading in a thing/area at least. Say the people why it's the number one somewhere, somehow. If you are not THE market leader...
Press L to see a real banner in action,
b) Benefits.
Dear reader, business is important but I know you are out there for improving your life anyway. If you would do, say YES! Benefits stand between...
Press B to see a real banner in action,
w) Web.
Web is a short and world widely recognized 3-letter word. There you are at home, aren't you?
Press W to see a real banner in action,
x) Xtreme.
Young generations have their own slang, use it if you are going to speak them frankly. A slang is a direct speaking to a xclusive target group.
Press X to see a real banner in action,
t) Target.
You probably want to speak to a specific group of Net users. A condensed concept is useful to synthesize demographics.
Press T to see a real banner in action,
e) Extra.
Gold stands for icon of the money maker. A GOLD series is recognized as the symbol for premium product!
Press E to see a real banner in action,

To complete the 26-tip Alphabet, read the next DMLR*News Brief coming December.
(*)In order of appearance on DMLR start page thru October.

--R-- Review: Altroconsumo.
This new service allows you to find out one or more web sites at a time I have personally visited/tested. On this issue let's look at: "".
- Web location is, managed by Editoriale Altro Consumo, Italy. This is a not lucrative association, member of Consumers' International (CI).
- Type of site: "the portal serving the consumer". Web edition of the monthly association printed magazine, that is distributed via mail to subscribers. The online version allows even other people to be well informed about the association initiatives and surveys on products and services a customer is used to buy.
- Means: general features have been added during the current year making the site easier to navigate and search through several archives such as the press releases, dossiers, letters, events. All articles published since 1998 on the monthly print edition are now readable in summary or in full length --but this only for the associates!
- Web site: a traditional one, menu and index on the left area, introduction to the main articles in the middle of the page. Info/Search/News area on the top. Highlights on special sections are: a) the Euro observatory; b) the E-commerce certificate; c) advantages for members.
- Demo: the issue of October has introduced a smart utility, an interactive service of personal assistance helping the telephone users who are looking for the most convenient telcos according to their own phone habits.
(To make your choice registration is obliged.)
Besides the monthly survey is investigating the costs of Internet traffic through telephone access. Data are available per single Italian telcos and as comparison too among the leading providers of different countries. You will discover that one hour of Internet connection in Italy costs less than every other country...
As for the voice traffic, on the contrary, the Italian bill is one of the most expensive if compared to other European countries. Dig it if you will this report very interesting for any Net user!
Another service I would like to point out for you is aimed to defend consumers' rights against abuse of retailers, insurance companies, banks, travel agencies and so on. It's a first aid useful for all consumers. Sometimes it's enough a letter to solve a problem where you were running into. To write the right words --respectfully of the laws come into force to protect the consumers-- law experts put online the specimen letters to be used when one is asserting his own rights against a dealer or manufacturer or service provider.
The archive encompassing about 180 specimen letters is under the "Archivio Altro" section, where you have to click on "Lettere Tipo". PDF-letters are stored by topics. The whole site is in Italian.
- Rating: 11 out of 15.
(Evaluated following DMLR Primo-award criteria, see

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