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August 2004
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  • Cultlike Brands 
  • Italian Managers 
  • Eureka! 
  • Direct Marketing 
  • Linked Resources 
  • MyQuiz 
  • Letter from DMeurope 

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Italian Text
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    DMLR*Newsletter — GOLD Edition n.18
    I. Cultlike Brands.

    "The product is the experience."
    Reading "Rise of the Cult Brand" (BusinessWeek August 9, 2004) made me pleased because just one month ago I have been introducing and translating on some principles inspired by brand expert Kevin Roberts' book titled "Lovemarks: the Future beyond Brands".
    Where everyone could recognize a host of common features behind the two labels --Cult / Love-- used for stating the new challenge global marketers are facing to affirm brands as valuable market leaders.
    Not by chance the power of the Internet is the main engine of the shift in ways the consumers trust the global brands, as they become proselytizers acting like passionate lovers and demanding to feel like owners of their favorite marks or at least members of a community built around them.
    In order to explain the tight bond created by the Internet between consumers and brands it could be enough to remember here for example the personalized Web pages offered by many companies, the Web cast of sponsored events, the Web blog run by brand-fans, entire Web sites set up by clients to support or protest a product, and so on...
    Among the 100 World's Most Valuable Brands I have selected those related to the E-business and four more traditional consumer-brands.

      No.60 Ebay (4,700 ml.$)
      No.61 Yahoo! (4,545 ml.$)
      No.66 (4,156 ml.$)
      No.82 AOL (3,248 ml.$)
    Compare these Internet brands values to some other global brands as
     >> No.20 Sony (12,759 ml.$)
      No.40 Ikea (7,182 ml.$)
      No.70 Rolex (3,720 ml.$)
      No.90 Nissan (2,833 ml.$)

    — Data source: The Global Brand Scoreboard, BusinessWeek August 9, 2004 (

    II. Italian Managers.

    A radio broadcast on July 7th was informing about the difficulties suffered at work by most of 344,000 Italian managers. They are afflicted by identity crisis because their role tends to resemble even more that required to a majordomo (chief servant) rather than a decision maker. Loyalty and reserve appear actually to be the most important qualities they are appreciated for.
    Programming, controlling and delegating represent three traditional but declining responsibilities by now. Skills and leadership best meet the new profile for a manager today. The recurring image of the manager is similar to a coach on a sailboat.
    Therefore curricula are useful for would-be managers if they put importance on personal experience, thoughts, feelings, included prior successes and failures.
    I would add something else to all this information picked up on air. Two years ago a research covering 9,000 Italian managers (CEOs, managing directors, C-level executives) put down 92% of them were using the Internet solely for e-mail. The majority of respondents sent and received less than ten message a day. 36% per cent said they had never made an online purchase, and 49% had never participated in newsgroups or forums.
    What if majordomos knew the Net better then managers?
    PS. Recommended movie for future managers, "Master & Commander" by Peter Weir (2003).

    III. Eureka!
    Thanks to an old series of floppy disks I have recently resumed the pages published in the first year of the DMLR project --from 1997 to 1998. For example, the first newsletter sent out to a bunch of subscribers or the old-fashioned graphics of those years... the preview of this discovery has been posted to all subscribers in July (L i t e No.13).
    The collection of vintage material goes on furthermore and this is the time to allow you to read the sequence of articles I had published in 1997 available in Italian only as follows:
    September 1997
    October 1997
    November 1997
    December 1997.

    IV. Direct Marketing.
    Key resources on Direct Marketing (DM) and Internet Marketing (IM) have been selected by me h e r e. You will find a comprehensive collection of websites as your KEYS to enter both traditional and Web-based direct marketing!
    More: the DIRECT MARKETING glossary is always available on, as English text, in a 3-document edition (PDF) you can browse or easily download onto your desktop. It consists of 19 pages as a whole, 311 paragraphs/terms, 236 Kb, 7450 words, 44772 types!
    Select and print the three parts of the glossary in English from

    V. Linked Resources.
    Since late 2002 I have been strolling through the Internet to find articles and books interesting enough to be going to review and translate as sample for the readers of DMLR*News, i.e. a small sized but aware community formed by marketing professionals and students...
    Natch the written permission by the authors is needed before I proceed to set up a web page introducing the original text side by side with the translation, the author's biography and contact information.
    Now there are eleven authors --DMLR's Eleven-- that have dealt with me via email or fax to get their own page on this format Each page is providing useful links to the book or the website of the authors, each article or excerpt treating a different subject of marketing as you can check out at D I G E S T.
    After reading everyone can express opinions and comments or ask for information on more author's works by going directly to the source...

    VI. MyQuiz.
    What is the computer's screen resolution in pixel to best view online the pages of (Find answer in DMLR*News Lite, come September).

    VII. Letter from DMEurope.
    Dear All,
    Please find below my updated contact details - my email address is now
    In addition, I'd like to let you know of the venture I have recently launched, - an online daily news service covering the digital media sector across Europe and beyond.
    You can register for complimentary newsletters and news alerts at
    Topics covered include: internet, e-commerce, online publishing and content, iTV/DTV/video online, media and TV/PC convergence, new media formats, broadband, mobile/wireless (and telecoms) industries, as well as important broader technology and IT stories in Europe.
    If you would like any further information on the service, are interested in a news feed or would like to work or partner with us, drop me a line.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    And if your contact details have changed, do send me the updated ones.
    *** New Contact Details ***
    Sean Cornwell
    Publisher, - Digital Media News For Europe
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