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November 2003
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  • Primo Award 
  • E-commerce Taxation 
  • The Story So Far 
  • Direct Marketing 
  • Linked Resources 
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    DMLR*Newsletter — GOLD Edition n.15
    I. Primo Award.

    Since 1998 I have been running a virtual website award that makes sense towards both Web managers and Net users.
    Nominees were 16 websites in order of appearance on DMLR*News as they were commented and tested by the 'Review' section.
    Now the score for each of them...
    And the winner is...
    "...A L E X A [total score 14.00] as the best tool helping Web users build a system of searching in order to aim and select within the great variety of intertwined online resources".

    Special acts of mentioning:
    :: best look ::
    :: best contents ::
    :: best interactive ::
    Now go to to view the information file!

    Other Web Awards
    Primo::00::Award, Web Benchmarking, Web performance (check-list)

    II. E-commerce Taxation.
    On the taxation of e-commerce by the EU -- see DMLR*News Lite n.7-- I've got some emails that publish here with pleasure.
    ...Also, EU at least announced the change more then a year before it will actually take effect! If you would be living where I am (Croatia), you would know how to appreciate such advance notice. In my country it is still fairly normal for government to "invent" new taxtes that are effective immediatelly (nothing major like VAT, but still not something a business person would like)! Up until few years ago it was even normal to have the taxes popping out that were effective backwards!!! ...(N. Prasnikar).
    And quite right! Considering US based ISPs such as AOL who ply their trade in the UK don't pay any VAT (sales tax) I really can't grumble with this and have long argued tht it should be the case. For far too long they've had an unfair advantage over UK based companies which has meant they are able to undecut opposition by at least 17.5%. If we have to pay sales tax on US based eCommerce products then I fail to see the why the 'US' is so 'angered' or do they not like things when it's not in their favour and we have a much more level playing field... (S. Dillon).
    I wonder how the E.U. is going to enforce the collection of VAT from Businesses in some Countries in the World..... It certainly isn't going to create a "level playing field" or anything like one by using VAT and just as one can create an "off-shore" bank account to elude the taxman I'm sure someone will find a way to circumvent it (VAT). And the criminal fraction will also consider collecting the VAT but never paying it back to the EU, in every case the consumer loses... (A. Grosset).
    Be continued...

    III. The Story So Far.
    It has been written that "the world generates about 250 megabytes of information per person each year. That's the equivalent of 250 books a person" (
    A pure drop of all that useful, or dull, reading is generated by me and published since 2000 on My Web publishing is sized at 5.0 Mb (about 5000 Kb) until now. It's an everage production of 1.25 Mb per year. Or the 0.5% of information for only one person living on this planet. Just a drop!
    For me as author of this drop of reading, the difference between a vain task and a useful project is reported by the messages some readers have shortly sent to encourage me don't give up. Email messages that are building the so called customer relationship that any writer would like to receive as many as possible. Here I have selected the most recent emails from readers and subscribers. (Original text).
    1) Salve, ...Sono responsabile commerciale di una media azienda di progettazione software e collaboro come freelance con alcune riviste italiane che si occupano di programmazione web. In particolare con Go On Line e Io programmo (edizioni master) e scrivo quasi esclusivamente di problemi legati al web marketing e alla applicazine nella programmazione. Mi piacerebbe avere la possibilità di pubblicare anche con voi, vista la vostra presenza e conoscenza del settore. Rimango a Vostra disposizione. (S.R., Italy).
    2) Sig. Dondi ho letto il suo articolo " Art on line" e ne sono rimasta molto colpita. Vede, io sono una laureanda in scienze della comunicazione, alla quale piacerebbe molto portare come argomento alla tesi "La pubblicità degli eventi artistici". Lei potrebbe fornirmi qualche suggerimento utile in merito? Libri, riferimenti, articoli...qualsiasi cosa che potrebbe al mio caso! La ringrazio fin da ora...e tanti tanti complimenti per il suo lavoro!! Distinti saluti. (T.E., Italy)
    3) Hello Roberto, I have just visited your web site and noticed that there is a page dedicated to general business links on the web.  Competia Online Magazine, , the first web-based monthly online magazine for competitive intelligence and strategic planning professionals has been established and would like to have the opportunity to be listed on your web site. In exchange for placing the link on your web site, the Competia would be happy to post a link to your site in our  "Word Of Mouse" sector in the magazine that is visited frequently by our subscribers in 96 countries.  If you wish to exchange links, please let me know when you or your webmaster will be able to add the link... If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Best Regards, (C.G., Canada).
    4) I have visited and feel that your site's content would be of interest to the 150,000 visitors per month to our site located at: . I will place a link to your site along with a description (10-category websites selection) at . The link to your site is currently categorized as General, please let me know what your preferred category would be and I will take care of categorization immediately. I would appreciate if you would place a link back to our site... Best regards, (J.W., USA)
    5) Spett.le Direzione, vi invio la presente per chiedere qualche specifica sul programma scambio banner: come funziona? fornite voi un elenco di aziende da contattare per potersi scambiare i banner? ecc, ecc... In attesa di gentile risposta colgo l'occasione per porgervi i migliori saluti. (A.R., Italy)

    To send your feedback too, even if not positive as the messages recalled here, you may now enter your opinion onto the DMLR Guestbook from the front page. Each comment will remain for reading by present and future visitors and so you will contribute to enhance the size of this Web venture! Thank you in advance.

    IV. Direct Marketing.
    The DIRECT MARKETING glossary is available since July on DMLR, as English text, in a 3-document edition (PDF) you can browse here or easily download onto your desktop. It consists of 19 pages as a whole, 311 paragraphs/terms, 236 Kb, 7450 words, 44772 types!
    Select and print the three parts of the glossary in English on
    Sure the Internet has been changing the traditional snail-mail based direct marketing. And yet the Internet marketing is a consequence of the old direct marketing somehow. Many terms you'll find inside the DM glossary are suiting for the e-marketing too...

    V. Linked Resources.
    This newsletter you are reading has been sent for free to subscribers as HTML format using the email management software IntelliContact Pro. That gives you as person or manager the ability to easily send out professional and personalized email to your readers and create as many newsletters, ezines, and lists as you desire.
    Just put a form on your website and IntelliContact Pro will do the rest. It will manage your subscribe and unsubscribe requests when you are ready to send a message to your lists you can select your list, type it, hit send, and walk away knowing that your personalized message will go out in moments to all your subscribers.
    And if you want to send the same message to more than one list just click a checkbox and your message will be delivered to exactly the recipients you want.
    IntelliContact Pro not only gives you the ability to send personalized email by mail merging the first name and last name fields, it also provides you with ten custom mail merge fields. Imagine the power of being able to mail merge on the fly variables such as products purchased, amount spent, date, report requested, username, password, mother's maiden name, birthday, date of last contact, and web site among unlimited possibilities.
    Visit IntelliContact and start the step-by-step product walk through,

    VI. MyQuiz.
    The recent data about the Internet traffic in Italy show a distribution of users among many big portals and websites as follows: Virgilio 26%, Libero 25%, MSN 18%, Tiscali 15%, SuperEva 11%, Lycos 9%, Kataweb 6%, AltaVista 5%.
    The question for you is where are world leading portals as Google and Yahoo! positioned in the Italian ranking of traffic? (Find answer in DMLR*News Lite, December).

    VII. In Association with
    Dear Subscriber, what I have done for you in the last week is to set up a brand new page with a selection of international marketing magazines. Titles and links are shown by rotation. Hope this help you save time & money!
    This DMLR service is in association with!
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