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February 2004
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  • One Question 4 U! 
  • E-commerce Taxation 
  • Once Upon A Time... 
  • Direct Marketing 
  • Linked Resources 
  • MyQuiz 
  • MKTG Magazines 

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    DMLR*Newsletter — GOLD Edition n.16
    I. One Question 4 U!

    How did you find This is the question I have asked all subscribers or visitors at the site "D.M.L.R." to know much more on how to manage and promote my own Internet location. After another year of presence over the Net the question received 237 valid responses in this order of importance (as of January 6th, 2004):

      Search Engine (75%)
      Linked Website (10%)
      Other Web User (4%)
      DMLR*News Subscriber (3%)
      Other Source (8%)

    — The results above inspired the "MyQuiz" of this month, see point 6!
    — How did you find Online Poll.

    II. E-commerce Taxation (pt.2).
    On the taxation of e-commerce by the EU -- see DMLR*News Lite n.7-- I've got some emails that publish here with pleasure.
    ... Two primary issues seem to be involved here:
    1.) Local Governmental Control over its citizens; and,
    2.) Local Government Control over its revenue sources.
    The first issue is really more important to the politicians now in power as the cure for the the second issue is simply raising local taxes. The Internet has brought lots of new ideas to ordinary people around the globe. These ideas result from communicating directly with people in other lands who are not relatives. Most of this communication results from email, though web sites also have some effect. Among these ideas is buying stuff conveniently and getting a good price on it.
    What people have learned is that people are pretty much the same the world over and politicians are pretty much the same the world over. People want to live in peace and be left alone to their personal pursuits. Politicians want acclaim and to be elected to put their "world view" into place as part of local, regional, national or global policy.
    Because people with Internet access no longer must travel abroad to learn that people are pretty much the same everywhere, politicians are having a more difficult task in demonizing or branding the peoples of different countries or places as something other than what they are -- i.e., just people. But politicians require other peoples' money to institute their world view. In almost all cases, politicians view the citizenry not as a people to serve, but as a group to direct. Politicians are no longer leaders, they are niche builders who raise followings at someone else's expense.
    In the USA, the Democrat party no longer says its ideas and policies are better than those of the Republican party. People know that is hogwash. What Democrat politicians say today is that the ideas of Republican politicians are "dangerous to our way of life." The Republican politicians say pretty much the same things about the ideas of the Democrat politicians. EU politicians and European local political leaders are looking to cover their asses in old age by assuring some sort of income stream that they can live off of. Attempting to tax outside of their jurisdictions is another example of such behavior. Unfortunately, the dark underbelly of this issue has ominous overtones for everyone.
    The only firms likely to adhere to such a call for VAT assessments and collections and payments to the EU taxing agency are global corporations interested in doing future business in Europe. EU taxing authorities will seek to deny access to European consumers to those offshore sites which don't play along, effectively driving business to the global corps. Big corporations are always looking for new ways to put competitors out of business that are easier than by competing. Getting politicians to do it for you is one of the easier and legal ways.
    Because telephone and internet access is more concentrated in Europe than the U.S., it is a simple thing for these taxing agencies to approach ISPs in Europe and tell them to block access to such and such an IP address, thereby effectively shutting the doors to competition. By staging the issue as one over taxes as the "lifeblood of EU society, "the peoples' eyes are averted from the real issue which is the elimination of unwanted competition and the difficulty of taxing cross border sales. As Bob Dylan once said, "The times, they are a changin," and never has it been more true than today. (J. Gaskill,
    Part I issued on DMLR Gold n.15.

    III. Once Upon A Time...
    ...A Domain Name. A number of domain names are becoming available due to non-renewals. About 20,000 names expire every day! There is a market for (re)selling the traffic generated by expired domain names or simply revolving those names. Some names can reach a very high valuation and make rich the people getting, for example, such a name as "" (sold for US$1,300,000) or "" (US$3,000,000). If one wanted to know what type of traffic an expired domain is receiving prior to purchasing that name, the information can be found at
    Just replace with the domain name you want to buy! Other methods for determining traffic levels of domain names are: a) getting stats from the past owner, b) tracking the traffic directly if you are the domain owner, c) asking programs that are reselling a domain name traffic --i.e.,,

    IV. Direct Marketing.
    The DIRECT MARKETING glossary is available since July on DMLR, as English text, in a 3-document edition (PDF) you can browse here or easily download onto your desktop. It consists of 19 pages as a whole, 311 paragraphs/terms, 236 Kb, 7450 words, 44772 types!
    Select and print the three parts of the glossary in English on
    Sure the Internet has been changing the traditional snail-mail based direct marketing. And yet the Internet marketing is a consequence of the old direct marketing somehow. Many terms you'll find inside the DM glossary are suiting for the email marketing too...
    For example, what is the difference between house lists and response lists?
    House List: any list of names owned by a company as a result of a compilation, inquiry or buyer action, or acquisition, that is used to promote that company's products or services.
    Response List: names and addresses derived from people who have responded to some marketing or advertising or public relations programs, stating they are interested in a product or service or engaged in a general buying decision.

    V. Linked Resources.
    L3XICON.COM is an electronic dictionary/lexicon, and I'd like to invite you to list your site under the appropriate keywords. This lexicon is generated using statistical analysis on internet and combined with a traditional dictionary. as web thesaurus and lexicon is listing under
    direct marketing, linked and marketing consultancy.

    VI. MyQuiz.
    The Web marketing goes through the search engine optimization (SEO) as tool to have your own websites properly read, indexed, and promoted by search engines.
    What are the important things to do in this Web marketing technique? (Find answer in DMLR*News Lite, March).

    VII. MKTG Magazines.
    Dear Subscriber, what I have done for you in association with is to set up a brand new page with a selection of international marketing magazines. Titles and links are shown by rotation. Hope this help you save time & money!
    This service is available here!
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