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DMLR*Newsletter — BRIEF, Dec.2000

INTRO. DMLR on-line survey 2000. One-Q?-For-You: it's really only one question to be answered from

--D-- DMLR-day.
October 30, 1997-2000. I would reward a new subscriber from Cosenza, Italy. His name is Marco Bianchi who receives the Ray Jutkins' book "Power Direct Marketing", published by NTC Business Books. The author is a dean of sound direct marketing and you could easily reach Ray's website from
The link is on Magic Marketing Minutes --within the marketing category-- where the book is listed, offered, shipped to anyone!
--M-- Magazine.
The archive of the year 2000 is ready at
It offers:
- a preview of every article issued this year in order of recency;
- the story of the Top4 brand new series;
- the timetable of next articles;
- the search box to get more information.
The new Top4 magazine is about the Internet as ideal international marketing medium. How many languages must a product 'speak' before it conquers such a market? If the information is the prince regent of the e-trade, customer is always sovereign. And he prefers to access the Web in his own language! I will call this the 'Eden vs. Babel' paradox because it has roots far back... There's rhyme and reason to this dilemma! Online come December, but for you it's up now as subscriber bonus at
--L-- Languages (again).
New pages I set up to get evidence of the major language trends occurred among Web users. See at: (the online population by languages); (the online languages trend 1997-2003).
/COME is a new directory within DMLR.ORG, aimed to show you examples of pages highly suitable for saving Kb without giving up a colorful appeal. In spite of a size of just 5-7 K, you deal with flying colors.
--R-- Reply to...
Nando Ruggiero, manager at, about the scarce design of DMLR.ORG!
Point one. I would agree with him because I always considered as priority for it the contents, and sure I'm not becoming a pro web designer.
Point two. I would disagree with because I want the design to be an important tool to save time for visitors interested into the pages for reading, subscribing etc. In the article on the Green Marketing, I have tried to introduce the concept and example of code of ethics for green sites like DMLR.ORG! Read the 10-point code at
Point three. I remember here for you that most of pages are best viewed with 1024x768 display resolution. Dynamic html is limited to examples and doesn't affect the most important pages, which will remain very simple and easy to upload online. Hope this helps.
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