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Roberto Dondi (SM)
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    DMLR*Newsletter — Xtra GOLD no.55

    dmlr.orgWhat have they in common Jeremy Rifkin and Seth Godin over and above being classified on as two of the most important thinkers of our time? Yes, they are on since I have listed them among the gurus a marketer should be listening to...
    Both authors have been writing about their concerns on the climate breakdown and its deadly consequences fot the great bulk of mankind. To do the right thing, they are focusing on the real problems generated by the two-hundred years of industrial progress and exploitation of natural resources, at the same time outlinining the plan of solutions the international community should briskly take on! No one left behind, nothing excluded. From politics to business, from scientists to consumers, from individuals to social groups and young movements. Against the denial of the global climate breakdown on the earth, they come up with their detailed examination condensed into these written works

    Read out, s'il vous plaît!

    II. DOT ORG.

    dmlr.orgWhen I chose the domain name for my own website, soon I was oriented to pick out the .org and merged the acronym for Direct Marketing Linked Resources (dmlr) with .org because of its meaning for not-for-profit it represented among the top level domains (TLD) then available. While other TLDs were the commercial .com, the educational .edu, the sysemic .net, the websites with .org had established as the backbone of the first time INTERNET experience—one network of computers free to exchange ideas, works, speeches, games, images, whatever the members of the community would have wanted to file and share one another through the new digital environment aka the World Wide Web. The common of the Internet contents.
    So I would like to mention here some useful resources in order to demonstrate how these nonprofit organizations are contributing to the collective knowkedge in terms of past memory and future emancipation.
    the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation seeks to develop and expand the concept of political education by emphasizing a critical analysis of the capitalist society as underlined by its namesake
    one of the first open accessible peer-reviewed journals solely devoted to the Internet
    dedicated to bringing focus , knowledge and cohesionto the work of changing our ruinous industrial agricultural systeminto a system and culture that uses nature as the standard *
    since 2004 a meeting held every two years in Turin, Italy in order to contrast the degeneration put into action by the food giant businesses and to protect the biodiversity and local farming communities around the world
    *'Terra Madre' was as well titled a film directed by Ermanno Olmi (2009, that SlowFood commissioned to portray the thousands of people partecipating in those first meetings, their beliefs and suggestions addressed to the consumer society. That filmed message is clear. Twenty years ago the survival of the planet was already debated and our mission to change many bad habits already declared: HURRY, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!


    dmlr.orgAs university student I wrote my final thesis work around the Management Information System (MIS) and how it was affected by the rising computer technology. Not even digital but electronic data processing (EDP), it represented the new frontier for modelling the work organization both in the manufacturing departments and on behalf of the market economy development. Two instances are enough: the steel and iron industry and the banking service were ideal sectors to be supported by the EDP for controlling the production cycles or processing any amount of data. The Nolan curve describes the progressive stages of the edp development inside the businesses and its key role to reforging the control and division of the labour.
    My study was inspired by the Nort-European social-technical systems approach aiming to manage the organizational changes influenced by the edp diffusion.
    Many years have passed by from those theories and obviously the digital media have speed up the invasion of the technology into houses, workplaces and every moment of our social life.
    Today I would seriously take in consideration the concept of complex adaptive social-economical systems (CASES) as the new model answering to the challenge posed by the climate breakdown. It suggests to give up the efficiency as the golden rule of the economic and social action, while searching for the adaptation to a rapidly changing environment and neither easy to forecast.
    First of all I have been coherent with my personal narrative on the social network X/donro59. But above all I have changed some living and consuming habits, put into action real things getting positive impact to the clima. Experiments involving myself have been the ultimate abandon of the car in favor of the public transport, the refusal of using the gas power to heat my house, and last but not least the careful selection of food and its packaging or the substantial reduction of meat. Like it or not, becoming more resilient as possible. Peace!


    dmlr.orgThe most important number of the climate crisis: 421.8 (Atmospheric CO2 in part per million, as of 2 April 2024). What actions can we take to protect our planet for future generation?
    The answer could be WE HAVE TO STOP USING FOSSIL FUELS—this plethoric crise is the result not of scarcity but of overproduction inspired by the heady optimism of the second industrial revolution when the possibility of a society based on abundance has raised and grown up until now.
    Tackling the main problem, this DMLR*News no.55 has been trying to keep the obvious thread connecting a political economist with a marketing expert. Follow this theme in the further reaches: (Foundation on Economic Trends) (The Carbon Almanac).
    Note: "there are currently 4,000 environmental conflicts in the world and the biggest driver of these conflicts is mining" (source: Planet:Critical is a project created by Rachel Donald, climate corruption journalist. Her podcast and newsletter deserve attention and subscription.

    V. Direct Marketing.

    The DIRECT MARKETING glossary is available on DMLR in a 3-document edition (PDF) you can browse here or easily download onto your desktop. It consists of 19 pages as a whole, 311 paragraphs/terms, 236 Kb, 7450 words, 44772 types!
    Select and print the three parts of the glossary in English from PDF::Menu.
    Sure the Internet has been changing the traditional snail-mail based direct marketing. And yet the Internet marketing is a consequence of the old direct marketing somehow. Many terms you'll find inside the DM glossary are suiting for the e-mail marketing too... but they come from a business development initiative of Canada Post Corporation [hommage à Connexions --centre de resources en marketing direct].

    VI. Linked Resources.

    2024 records the twentyseventh year of Direct Marketing Linked Resources as continuous website online! Between 2000 and 2023 has been saved and indexed 177 times by the WaybackMachine on the Internet Archive (
    You may always search on by a word or phrase reflecting the topic you are interested in.

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    VII. MyQuiz.

    What does NPO mean?
    Non-Profit Organization, distinguished from others that focus on either making a profit (the private sector) or serving as an arm of government (the public sector).
    The NPO must focus on makingsome portion of society better or preventing it from becoming worse. NPOs provide not only welfare services but also social, educational and cultural services.